Tale of Little Nandi Mithra


Grandson: Grandpa, you were gone for so long! I’ve been waiting to see you.

Grandpa: I’ve been thinking of you too, little one. I was over at your uncle’s place. What have you been up to?

Grandson: Just been here, wishing for one of your tales. Will you share one with me now?

Grandpa: Absolutely, let’s get comfortable first.

Grandson: What’s this tale about?

Grandpa: It’s about a young lad named NandiMithra, a name that combines his father and uncle’s names, Nandi and Mithra. “Nandi” stands for strength, and “Mithra” means friendship. He was a bundle of energy from the start, always on his mother’s heels, full of mischief yet completely lovable.

His mother, one day, had work in the fields. Knowing NandiMithra’s playful nature, she thought, “Taking him would mean no work and constant vigilance.” Despite her instructions, he wouldn’t stop his play.

So, she had no choice but to tie him to a heavy stone in the kitchen, asking him to stay there until she returned, promising a swift comeback.

But her return was later than expected.

Grandson: That’s sad for Nandi.

Grandpa: Ah, but the story takes a turn here.

Grandson: What turn, Grandpa?

Grandpa: When she was on her way back, filled with concern for NandiMithra, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Grandson: What did she see?

Little Nandi Mithra

Grandpa: There was NandiMithra, determinedly pulling that massive stone towards the fields.

That moment made her realize the true extent of her son’s strength.

NandiMithra later became famous for his formidable strength, loyalty, and skills, eventually serving as the most respected General under King Gamini Abhaya.

Grandson: That’s incredible, Grandpa! NandiMithra was so strong and resilient!

Grandpa: Exactly, my boy. His story teaches us that real strength lies in determination and courage.

Grandson: I’ll be strong like him, Grandpa, with a brave heart.

Grandpa: That’s the spirit, my boy. Now, how about we get some milk?

Grandson: I’d love that!

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