Our Services

Model Papers

Advance level, Ordinary Level & Grade 5 Scholarship Model Papers. Highly qualified teachers are working with us to deliver this high-quality service.

Past Papers

You can practice past papers as in a real online examination. You will receive your result instantly. If you log in, you will be able to analyze your performance.

Real Exams

We will conduct islandwide examinations to test your skills and compare them with others. From this, you will receive an Island rank for that particular test.

Result Verification

For Educational Institutes, we will provide a professional service to verify their student's certificates and results through the etest.lk website.

Exam Management

Teachers will be able to create quizzes for their students. For long answer questions, teachers will be able to do the paper marking manually. And analyze results.

Maintain A Question Bank

Teachers and Institutes can maintain their own question bank for free. And create quizzes from it whenever needed. Teachers will be able to analyze student performance for each question.

Result Analyzing

Student can analyze their result just after completing the quiz. They will be able to see the time spent on each question graphically. And top 10 ranks. They will be able to compare their answer with the correct answer. Teachers will be able to do a question wise analysis.


Teachers will be able to create assignments & practice quizzes for their students. In practice quizzes, students will be able to check the correct answers during the quiz.

Your Own Private Domain

Teachers and Institutes will be provided with their own private domain where they can allow only their students to attempt the quizzes and reach their notes, files, etc..