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  • Easy to setup Exam papers
  • Automated grading
  • Saves hours of paper marking
  • Mobile friendly exam interface
  • No software installations required
  • Advance reports & analytics to track student’s performance

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Choose From Over 10+ Quiz Question Types

ETEST facilitates over 10+ question types including advance audio and video integrated questions. Instructors can set up online exams based on certain subject and topics. Examination questions can also be randomized from the available pool of question bank. In addition, you have the choice to define negative marks for wrong answers.

Multiple Choice

True or False


Fill in the Blank


Questions with Multimedia

Super easy to create exams with wide range of built-in question types.

View all Question Types

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Questions having Multiple Answers

Short Answer

Questions having a specific answer

Numeric Answer

Questions having a numeric answer




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How Our Online Quiz Maker Works

Create Your Exam Papers in Minutes with ETEST

Create exams just in 5 steps

  • ribbon bullet points numbers from one to twelve
    Enter Questions to question Bank
  • ribbon bullet points numbers from one to twelve
    Select the quiz template & create the quiz
  • ribbon bullet points numbers from one to twelve
    Add questions from question bank to the quiz
  • ribbon bullet points numbers from one to twelve
    Customize exam setup and settings
  • ribbon bullet points numbers from one to twelve
    Share the exam link

What professionals & customers say about ETEST

Dr. Iromi Ranaweera PhD (Norway), B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) (RUHUNA)
Dr. Iromi Ranaweera PhD (Norway), B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) (RUHUNA)Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna
Read More is a website that provides very helpful tools to improve student's erudition and skills. Students can utilize this to succeed in the A/L and O/L exams with higher scores.
John Doe
John DoeUniversity of Colombo
Read More
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John Doe
John DoeUniversity of Colombo
Read More
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Why Do You Need ETEST?

ETEST online exam platform provides the best quiz maker tool in 2021 for both teachers & businesses. The platform is used for business & enterprise training tests, pre-employment assessments, online certifications & compliance, recruitments, schools, universities, distance learning, lead generation, GDPR & CCPA compliance, online courses, e-learning, practice tests & more. In addition, it provides past papers and model papers for students to practice for O/L and A/L exams.

Simple to make a Quiz
  • Build exams in just 5 steps
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Can add 1,00,000+ questions to the question bank
  • Add images, videos & more
  • Wide range of questions types
Advance Reports & Analytics
  • Track student's performance
  • Analytics to measure question strengths
  • statistics to identify weak areas of students
  • Detailed analytics of student groups
  • Analytics to identify student’s improvement over the time
Time saving features
  • Automated paper marking
  • Lesson wise question categorization
  • Instant results & notifications
  • Detailed overview of results
Attempt questions Anytime, Anywhere
  • Works great on all type of devices; Mobile phones, Tabs & Laptops
  • Can be integrated to your website
  • Sharable link to access the quiz
Dedicated Question Bank
  • Store different types of questions
  • Use questions repeatedly in different quizzes
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Random question pools
  • Supports multi languages

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a quiz in ETEST?

Video in this post explains it in detail.

How to create a quiz 

Can students view results soon after the exam?

Yes, you can view results & your rank. In addition, you can check result analytics when logged in.

Can students check the correct answers after the exam?

Yes, only if allowed by the teacher.

Is it compulsory to register before taking a quiz?

You can take only the open quizzes without login.

What are the open quizzes?

Free model papers and past papers are provided for students to practice for their exams. Click the link below to access available open quizzes.

Open Quizzes 

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You will be able to test with full functionality.

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About Us

Our Story

ETEST launched in the year 2017, a team of software and system Engineers create a technology-focused and cloud-based web app to test their skills via assessments.

Passion for New Things

ETEST offers the essential building blocks to create a robust and cost-effective e-examination system to measure your student’s skill and performance.

Working with new technology

ETEST is a technology-focused and cloud-native agile software development company with a passion to develop innovative SaaS products that foster continuous improvement.

Our Road Map for 2025

We regularly upgrade our web tools to enhance the user experience. We also introduce new features and integrations. We plan to expand capabilities with cloud-based technologies.
Helping Hand
Before 21 Dec 2021

New Question Types

Enable new types of questions (Drag an drop, sequence, etc..) in question bank.

Short note
Before 1 January 2022


Forums for Students and Teachers to discuss quizzes and questions

Short note
Before 1 February 2022

New techniques for Long Answer Questions

New techniques to use long answer questions
Before 1st of March 2022

Performance Measuring

Create new tools to improve the performance measuring techniques

Before 1st of May 2022

Modern Quiz Templates

Add modern quiz templates targeting different use cases.

Before 1 Aug 2022


Use cloud base APIs to improve security and proctoring

Before 1 October 2022

Sub Groups

Enable Subgroups inside groups

Before 1 December 2022

Sub Group wise Analytics

Enable sub group wise analytics

Before 1 April 2023

New Backend

Create new backend interface for teachers and administrators.